How To Register To Be ATAS (Association of Top/Achiever Scouts) World Member

First of all, I am very happy because being accepted to be the member of ATAS World (Formerly called as ATAS-APR). How can I to be join the ATAS, it is because my scout officer (also can be say is my Sifu) Mr Heng Soo Peng and Mr Chew Ching Yee had been introduce it to be before. Well, this also my dream while I was in secondary school, I saw the badge of ATAS and feel that are very nice, and encourage me.

From the web info, ATAS is gather the member all around the Asia Pacific to share the knowledge and anything when their gathering. Starting, i think it is spending much money because the gathering every year held rotated around APR country. After get some infomation from Mr Heng and Chew, to attend the gathering is not spending much money, if want to be economic, just attend the gathering when it is held in our own contry or the country neared like Thailand and Singapore. Just like the APR Conference that just held on end of October 2009 in Hilton Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, they also had the ATAS gethering there.

Last week, when KLKM USM is having their Woodbadge Part 3 course in Bukit Panchor, Mr Heng had talk about ATAS with me there. From there he had tell me how to register to be member, but not very complete (SWT), after come back, I use the power of GOOGLE, to surf to get the continous answer.

What is ATAS (Association of Top/Achiever Scouts)
ATAS is not an opposite of BAWAH (atas in malay is Up, while bawah in malay is down). It open to members of the Queens, King, Tiger, National Flower, SAR, Honorary,
Shaheen, Fuji, President, Garuda and Royal Scouts or its equivalent in the World
Organization of the Scout Movement(WOSM) in the Asia Pacific Region OR
Queens Guide, Mugunghwa Scout or its equivalent in the World Association of Girl
Guides and Girl Scouts(WAGGGS) who are leaders of the WOSM in the Asia Pacific
(source from http://www.atasapr.org/pdf/ATASRules.pdf)

Objective of ATAS- To strengthen friendship and solidarity through continued relationships amongst‘TOP/ACHIEVER’ Scouts in the Asia Pacific Region.
- To support and complement the work of the NSOs and the APR.
- To conduct regular activities and /or projects so as to foster fellowship amongst members, their families and guests.
- To develop networking amongst members for sharing of knowledge and experiences.
(source from http://www.atasapr.org/pdf/ATASRules.pdf)

How To Register To Be ATAS Member.

1. You must be a King's Scout Award holder (in Malaysia), for other country, can reffer to the introduction above.
2. You must have the Scouting Spirit.(I think this topic no need me to mention more about, every scouter will have their own Vision and their own reason)
3. Download the ATAS rules, read and understand it. (I think you will know to read it laaa, if not, you will not read my artical now. hahaha) Download it from http://www.atasapr.org/pdf/ATASRules.pdf [If realy don't know English, can use Googgle Traslate]
4. Download the application form http://www.atasapr.org/pdf/ATASMembershipApplication.pdf and look trough.
5. Fill in the form electronicly. HOW? Method 1: Open the pdf file by using Adobe Photoshop (CS2 and above), place your photo in the form, then select the typing tool to drag on the blank field to complete it. Then save as pdf file back or jpg of bitmap or etc in graphic format.
Method 2: Select all the pdf file and the copy in Microsoft Word. (you need to rearrange because when you paste in MW, it just paste the word form. Then type to fill in the blank field, then save as Word.
Method 3 (is you don't have PS or MW) : Open the pdf file, fit it to screen, then Print Screen or open pdf file and save as image. Open the image in Paint (Start>Accessories>Paint) paste your photo that already snap in the Paint, use the Typing Tool to drap in the blank field to complete it.
***[to do those, you must have Adobe PDF Reader]
(for Malaysia King's Scout, the certificate no. part left it blank because our KS Cert don't have the specific number, then scan your signature or use your mouse to sign)

6. After completed, open your email account, attach your photo (in scout uniform), your King's Scout Certificate (you can scan in the printing shop that they have the A3 size or larger size scanner) and your Bussiness card or scout card.

7. Then, send it to Alex #007 (you can reffer to the member number http://www.atasapr.org/pdf/ATASMembersno.pdf) awong724@netvigator.com. (but my is send to Dr.Mohd. MUKHYUDDIN Bin Sarwani)
8. After that wait for their reply. After that, check for members update http://www.atasapr.org/pdf/ATASMembersno.pdf . (ATAS is a very high efficiency association, for my form, they just use 3 working days to process)

Lastly, good luck and enjoy your day. Welcome to ATAS. Once a scout, always a scout.